Positive Urban Qualities

All photos within clickclickbloom are assigned a mixture of PUQ. These qualities should not be considered exhaustive as they represent the basics of good urban design.

Some photos may exhibit most of the positive qualities. Whilst others may only be rated as having one or two. The rating is solely concerned with aspects that are evident in the photo. For instance, a photo of a single building or part of a building may only have one positive attribute. This shouldn't detract from the importance of the attribute; they all add-up and can work in concert to create positive streets, blocks, neighbourhoods and places.

Please click on each of the PUQ (left) for further information and examples.

Akin to Shakespeare's Puck - in his play A Midsummer Night's Dream, this PUQ may be construed, at times, as mischievous and contentious. For some, the emphasis of the urban qualities may be at odds with suburban sensibilities. The ratings represent the opinion of the author but, the estimation is rooted in growing evidence that - not only do urban areas reduce the burden on our planet's resources, they are beneficial to both our individual and community wellbeing.

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