Tick tick..... boom! For approximately 8,000 years we have engaged with the idea of urban and - most recently - got plenty of things wrong

We have placed devastating expectations on the planets natural resources and have made a myriad of short-term decisions about long-term issues. We are still building places that do not promote our wellbeing adequately and/or sustain us ecologically. Suburban sprawled, monstrous monolithic, highway subjugated, or commercial cynic. Pause for a moment, they will come to mind. We may have the opportunity to get it right.

Clickclickbloom is about positive urbanism; how we have blossomed and how we may bloom. There is, of course, a little gloom, to temper the bloom but, the overriding goal is to communicate positive qualities of town and cities through photography and a simple rating system. This site will, in itself, take on an organic characteristic; as it acquires evidence to substantiate the rating system and I photograph new places. Key evidence will be posted as I pursue a PhD investigating wellbeing in the built environment, and new photos will be uploaded - as I encounter fresh urbanism.

The philosophy underpinning clickclickbloom is holistic design of built environments - for people and the planet. However, at present, despite some references to ecological footprint/urban management - the site's emphasis is urban design and the interaction of people and their physical environments. Each photo within the site is rated via a Positive Urban Qualities (PUQ) checklist. An introduction and explanation of PUQ can be found here.

I hope that you enjoy the site and that it may be useful. High resolution photos are available for purchase. Please contact Jamie () about using the photos contained within the site, commissioning photography and joining the mailing list for updates.